Creating, designing and producing Bespoke garments is at the core of what we do. Ours is a traditional approach to hand-made clothing and our reputation is founded in our unyielding level of workmanship and service as well as distinct experience.

Guided entirely through the process -- from measurements, cloth selection, design, to fitting -- exclusively by Tom Barnett, our cutters will create a unique pattern for the individual. As such, our client becomes the focal point in this transition from cloth to suit. You are involved in the choice of every detail.

Master patterns are drafted and saved for each client as a foundation for future orders, importantly, to deliver the very best result, our initial "baste fitting" try-on is essential to our process in establishing a fit made for you, to account for proportion, balance and posture, your personality, your idiosyncrasies, in short, in-fact everything will be exactly as it should be.