Bespoke For Life






Tom Barnett was established in 1990 and has been creating individually designed, hand-cut and hand-tailored bespoke single suits to entire wardrobes, as well as advising on all aspects of dressing and image for business leaders, artists, athletes and noteworthy gentlemen from all over the world.

Bespoke is a process that should never be rushed and taking the time to build a great relationship is part of the pleasure of ordering, owning and wearing bespoke. Upwards of 60 hours to produce each suit defines the six to eight weeks generally required, though it can be shorter for repeat clients and expedited orders can often be accommodated for an established client.

We enjoy our record of total customer satisfaction which we prize and strive to perpetuate. And to be certain, our tailoring and service are not about status, legacy or old fashioned elegance, it is simply one of the the very best choices and tools available to today's engaged individual and should be used as part of daily dress.