Cloth Selection


Commencing our bespoke process is as indispensable as it is enjoyable, it is also the inaugural step in defining the unique signature look, fit and style that naturally reveal the character of the owner.

At Tom Barnett we take great pride in sourcing materials from eminent mills throughout the world and offer an extensive range in excess of 8000 luxurious samples from our stock bunches suitable for all occasions. Weights from 6 1/2 to 19 ounces; woolens from Super 100's grade to Super 250's, mohair, lambswool, silk, cashmere and vicuna.

After cloth consultation, during which caliber, performance and season will be considered, advice will be offered to assist in determining suit style such as two or three-button or perhaps double breasted. At this time all details --buttons, pockets, lapel and a wealth of others including our celebrated collection of exceptional linings-- are discussed and selected.

We work from precise and comprehensive posture and structure measures taken from each individual client which will be transferred to a unique paper bespoke pattern.