Hand Finishing


At Tom Barnett we favor a simple, classically cut garment with moderately shaped waist and a pure, structured shoulder, free from superfluous detail. We endeavor to hand-craft a silhouette that is well-balanced and in perfect proportion, enhances the body's natural outline and assembled without compromise as we have been perfecting for over a quarter century.

This is the stage in which our signature shape takes it's final form. With adjustments and alterations complete the suit is now ready to be put back together and finished by hand. Collar and sleeves a reset and sewn in, linings tacked, buttons, buttonholes, felling and edge stitching --in-fact all details down to the lapel flower loop-- are completed to the highest level of quality. The garment is closely examined and pressed.

A one-of-a-kind garment, unique to the client has been created.