Hand Production


Cutting is an art. Every measure and notation is taken into account allowing for all the small imperfections of the individual's form, which will indeed be refined through the fitting process. It is here that bona fide artistry begins.

The pattern is now laid out on the cloth and painstakingly chalked. Each cloth is then cut by hand, creating all the individual panels for the garment. Post-delivery care is part of our practice and therefore we purposely leave extra cloth at the inlays to allow the garment to be altered at a future date should the client's physique change. Our bespoke clothing is an investment, built to last and if looked after properly should last a lifetime.

As cutting is art, hand-sewing is the soul. Without compromise and with thousands of hand-stitches, traditional canvas remains our choice of foundation as the initial steps in the process to assemble each piece of the garment are initiated.