Custom Shirtmaking Service: To compliment our bespoke clothing, we offer our exceptional custom shirt-making service. With over 30 years experience, our shirts are cut from individually created patterns. Each shirt is hand-made entirely to our client's precise specifications. Fit, style, collars, cuffs, buttons, contrast trims and personalization -- whether your monogram, corporate logo or even your signature expertly embroidered into each shirt -- are nearly unlimited as you select from our exceptional collections of thousands of the most desirable fabrics from the finest mills on earth. Defining collaborative purpose, our custom shirts remain the complementary foundation of a well-tailored, functional and ultimately stylish gentleman's wardrobe. Consider five to six weeks for our custom production though it can be approximately 15 working days for repeat orders and expedited orders can often be accommodated for an established client.

Contact us to arrange a convenient appointment and we would be delighted to assist you through the process from measurements, creative, coordination to the finish, the transition of cloth to shirt.