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We produce the finest business suits, overcoats, blazers, sport jackets, vests, trousers, smoking jackets, dinner, semi-formal, formal evening and event clothes. We are well renown for our extraordinary and distinctive sourcing to complement our highest craft hand work.

Start the process for yourself. As well as maintaining a regular schedule of collection launches and bespoke presentations at our locations, we offer private and personal visits. To enable the highest level of experience, attention and service, we work exclusively by appointment.

It is not just the perfect fitting to the body that is our sole trademark, it is that intangible element of style. Every garment is individually designed, hand-cut and hand-tailored to the highest standard. Nothing you've ever worn before will give you the pleasure or understated confidence of a bespoke suit from Tom Barnett. Cut to you, from finest cloth and details chosen by you, it'll feel like an old friend from the moment you put it on and continue to improve with age.

Contact us to arrange a convenient appointment and we would be delighted to guide you through the bespoke process from creative and manufacturing to the finish, the transition from cloth to suit.